Product Range

Our company will get the best way to dispense product out of your can, be it liquid, lotion or gel, Visan Spraytech will create a stylish product for your range which will be striking on your shelf... Be it in different shapes or sizes...we will accommodate to your needs with our tried and tested products…
Spray Pumps    

spray pumps
  • Our spray pump dispenses precise dose of liquid with perfect precision.

  • Spray Pump is the best option where the output size and fine mist spray are the main requirements in the product.

  • They are designed in a manner to ensure smooth, easy and safe dispensing of your product.

  • Select the sizes you want from our wide range of neck closures
Size   18/415   20/410   24/410   25/410   28/410  
Treatment Pumps    

spray pumps
  • Treatment dispensing pumps are widely used in liquids and semi solids

  • If your product is a Body lotion or Hair gel, treatment pump dispense the right amount of your product and thus maximum economization for the user.

  • Treatment pumps are available in various shapes and sizes and colors.

  • These pumps are flexible and recommended for sun lotions, aqueous based formulas and various face creams
Size   20/410   24/410   25/410   28/410
Dispenser Pumps    

spray pumps
  • Our Dispenser pumps are the most desired and sought after product from Visan Spraytech.

  • These pumps are the ideal option for viscous Liquids and formulations like Shampoos and Hand Washes.

  • The Dispenser pumps are available in below mentioned sizes and various different colors
Size   24/410   28/410  
Trigger Pumps / Foamer Pumps    

spray pumps
  • Trigger Pumps are extensively used for home cleaning products whereas Foamer Pumps are used in Hand wash products, hair styling products, bleaches, etc. Foamer pump discharges a fixed amount of foam with constant proportions of liquid and air.